ROHS!020CD/ Alex Humann – Layers

We are happy to announce “Layers” the first work of Alex Humann on our record label.
That album contains also three remixes by Faidel, Warmth, and our beloved master Zzzzra.
…Alex says: Usually i feel the need to collect moments of inspiration, situations that brings me different circumstances in my life: sometimes a landscape or a simple composition of shapes or sounds.
When I connect with an idea awakens in me a strong impulse to portray it in a graphic way through my compositions, emphasizing much more its creative and conceptual content than the technical factor.
“Layers” is the result of superimposing all those elements, creating a chromatic environment of shapes and colors that have the cold and dense landscape of nature as a guiding thread, the main image of the disc contributes giving this visual focus, those elements alive and Artificial, give meaning to all content.

Listen & pre-order “Layers” CD Album here: Bandcamp


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